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60 Years Dr. Hänsler Ozonosan = 60 Years Medical Ozone

Nowadays the Low-Dose-Concept of medical ozone is considered to be a part of biological medicine, i.e. complementary to conventional medicine. Over the last decades its mode of action and pharmacology are well documented and published on an international basis; now forms of applications, dosages and treatment strategies are standardized, summarized and published as the Guidelines for the use of ozone in medicine. 30 years ago, the situation was different, and the introduction of ozone met with criticism and even resistance from the representatives of conventional medicine.

For more than 60 Years Dr. Hänsler Ozonosan is specialized in Ozone-Oxygen-Therapy;
in addition to ozone technology, the company has also devoted itself to basic scientific research and clarification on the application forms of ozone therapy, thus developing a safe, simple and effective treatment method now recognized everywhere:
The perfect systems for the use of ozone in hygiene, clinics, hospitals and research.

All our units, the Ozonosan alpha plus, Ozonosan photonik and Ozonosan boardcase are setting new standards: the integration of a photometric measuring unit with autocalibration and continuous ozone level control are an absolute guarantee for permanent quality control. Our factory has received official recognition, fulfils all the requirements according the European Directives for Medical Devices MDD (93/42EWG), for which reason all our products are marked CE 0123.

The Ozonosan therapy system is optimally complemented by our training manual and reference books, which became standards in ozone therapy and finally part of the guidelines, see literature.

International congress activities, seminars and workshops to spread the scientific background of medical ozone and its safe use in therapy are among the principal features of the company's activity; high demands are made on a team of 20 + 10 specialists, every employee fully motivated and able to contribute his/her experience and enthusiasm.

Rely on our technological and scientific know how and our competent team in all questions as far as ozone therapy is concerned.