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50th anniversary
of Dr. Haensler Ozonosan celebrated on June 28, 2008

The very first Medical Ozone Generator appeared on the market 50 years ago in Karlsruhe - Germany.

Dr. Joachim Hänsler, the founder of the company, presented his first medical ozone generator in 1958 to the market with the trade name Ozonosan, which was capable of producing an ozone/oxygen mixture at therapeutically variable dosages (concentrations). The name is still used for the latest equipment in the company's range.

With a chemical background, Dr. Renate Viebahn-Haensler successfully directs her father's medical technical company and over the last 30 years she has become a leading expert in the pharmacology of ozone.

Nowadays, medical ozone application is considered to be a part of biological medicine, i.e. complementary to conventional medicine. At present, the method is specially applied in pain therapy, for example in the case of slipped discs, or inflammatory vascular diseases, or in oncology (Ozone therapy is able to help many cancer patients, making chemotherapy much easier for them).

Ozonosan,the trade name registered as a result, developed rapidly. As ozone is freshly generated at every application, and is immediately available, there are three different types of ozone generator: the clinical version, the table version for smaller practices, and the “boardcase” or portable version.

Since 1999, the number of units exported has rapidly increased. Renate Viebahn continued to gain worldwide recognition for her company not only at congresses and trade fairs, but also by organizing training seminars/workshops and courses for physicians, dentists, practitioners and medical personnel.