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Company I Press release - part 2

In fact, it was she who wrote the first standard “Handbook on Ozone Therapy” recognized everywhere, and ensures that fundamental scientific literature and information on ozone therapy continues to spread. And she emphasizes that “ozone therapy is at all times a complementary method”.

We all know Renate Viebahn, one of our Honorary Member of IOA. As a member of the EA3G Board and the OS&E Editorial Board in IOA is Renate Viebahn predestined to be responsible for all aspects related ozone in medicine, special for medical sessions during IOA conferences and congresses.

On the occasion of the 50th birthday of Dr. Haensler Ozonosan Renate Viebahn invited a hundred of guests to a Garden Party. We know Renate as an active and enthusiastic scientist and businesswoman. Renate is also an art connaisseur. Therefore she initiated the Ozone Project 2008 and has founded the Ozonosan Prize for Art! Young artists from the Nürtingen University for Art Therapy participated in an exhibition with pictures and art objects on the subject of ozone.

The title of the exhibition is “Ozone in History and Art”,
which has just been opened in the company's display rooms. Apart from the creations of the young artists involved, other exhibits with posters, placards and information material show highlights in the company's history as well as the history of ozone (with material from the Christian Friedrich Schönbein jubilee, 1999 in Basel).

The 2nd part of the 50th birthday will be held in the autumn with an international congress held under the title “Ozone in Medicine”.

Hansruedi Naef
IOA , Ozone News 2008