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The Ozonosan alpha plus with its continuous and accurate measurement of a controlled O3 supply is ideally adapted for the whole treatment range.

The Ozonosan alpha plus supplies the broad concentration range from 1 µg/ml up to > 100 µg/ml, which corresponds to 0.05 - 5 volume % ozone.

And the Ozonosan alpha plus produces ozonized water, automatically with optimum ozone dose and optimum saturation level.

With its controlled volume flow, controlled hightech pump units and high charge, autoregenerative catalyser system, the alpha plus is the ideal prerequirement for effective local ozone treatment.

Angiopathias, particularly diabetic angiopathia, arterial circulatory disturbances and diabetic foot are classical indications for ozone/oxygen therapy.
When O3/O2 is applied in a complementary and differentiated form, remarkably successful results are obtained.

Apart from local ozone applications (disinfection, wound healing) systemic therapy in the form of major ozone infusion via the patient's own blood or rectal insufflation are the methods of choice, not only because they make use of the antiinflammatory and circulation-enhancing effect of O3 (activation of intracellular antioxidants, NO induction) but because they also counteract hypoxaemia (improvement of oxygen supply).

• Concentration range: 1 µg/ml to > 100 µg/ml corresponding to 0,05 - 5 Vol % ozone,
--measured continously

• Water ozonizer with optimum ozone dose

• 3 different gas flows, adjustable hightech pump

• Highly efficient catalyzer system, auto regenerative as absolute prerequirement for an
--effective topical ozone treatment

Recommended concentrations and applications*

10 - 30 µg/ml - for all forms of systemic treatment in accordance with the „low dose concept“

80 - 100 µg/ml - locally, where rapid wound healing is required

15 - 25 µg/ml - locally, for progressive wound healing

100 - 130 µg/ml - for the production of ozonized water

*Guidelines, OS&E 2012