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The Ozonosan photonik is ideal for use in the medical practice, especially in combination with the microbubble system for perfect distribution and reaction of ozone in the blood (extracorporeal blood treatment); this actually optimizes the application and the effect of low ozone concentrations.

Equally suitable for all systemic and topical forms of application, ozone concentrations between 2 and 75 µg/ml are available, with a water ozonation unit as separate module.
In pain therapy, the preferred concentrations are 2 to approx. 10 µg/ml (trigger points, tender points, subcutaneous, periarticular and other forms of injection).

• Concentration range: 1 µg/ml to > 75 µg/ml corresponding 0,05 - 3,75 Vol % ozone, measured continously

• Flowmeter with adjustable flow, hightech-pump, continously adjustable

• Highly efficient catalyzer system, auto regenerative as absolute prerequirement
..for an effective topical ozone treatment

• Water ozonizer as an option