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Chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints, myofascial triggerpoints and disk hernia are indications for intraarticular and periarticular as well as intramuscular, subcutaneous, paravertebral and intradiscal ozone injections in the concentration range of 2 to 10, max. 20 µg/ml according to application form; exact ozone concentrations are a prerequirement.

As with all Ozonosan units, the concentration measuring unit of the Ozonosan boardcase constitutes a basic element of quality assurance. As an absolutely mobile unit in its elegant but functional trolley, it has quickly gained general acceptance in pain therapy (also in sports medicine), and is used for house visits and as a reserve unit. With its concentration range between 2 and approx. 50 µg/ml, it is an ideal system for all systemic applications as well as topical injection techniques. The integrated vacuum pump with variable negative pressure settings is particularly suitable for low-pressure O3 gas applications in decubitus or diabetic ulcers, for example with patients confined to bed in homes and nursing care units.

• Concentration range: 1 µg/ml to ≥ 50 µg/ml corresponding to 0,05 - 2,5 Vol % ozone,
--measured continously

• Adjustable flow, hightech-pump, continously adjustable

• Highly efficient catalyzer system, auto regenerative as absolute prerequirement for an
--effective topical ozone treatment

• Water ozonizer as an option