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Production of Medical Ozone

Contrary to technical and smog ozone (produced from air with ca 20 % O2 and ca 80 % N2), the O3 used in medicine is generated from pure medical oxygen via silent electrical discharge (physically more exact: dielectric barrier discharge); it is not acceptable to use oxygen concentrators or oxygen/air mixtures due to their nitrogen component and the consequent possibility of nitrogen oxides being formed in the plasma of discharge tube.

A powerful catalytic converter guarantees to keep the ozone limits of the national and international emission and immission values (eg WHO).

As with other pharmaceuticals, medical ozone is a clearly defined molecule with a clearly defined range of action. Being a metastable molecule with a half life of 55 minutes in the 50 ml disposable Ozonosan syringe (completely siliconized and ozone resistent), medical ozone must be prepared on site and made specially available for the type of application required. The decay depends on the system and has to be measured and known for each disposable, such as syringes, plastic bags ….