Rectal insufflation
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Therapy I Rectal insufflation
in accordance with the "Guidelines of the ozone therapy" LINK


Rectal ozone insufflation
This is one of the earliest forms of application in ozone therapy (Aubourg 1936). Based on animal investigations and a comprehensive proctological study (Knoch 1987), rectal insufflation with an O3/O2 gas mixture is increasingly being used as a systemic therapeutic form, and is already being viewed as an alternative to MAH; it is the method of choice in ped-iatrics.

A rectal insufflation set consists of:
An ozone supply container with lock valve, dosing bag with non-return valves, connecting tube with luer/luer lock or 50 ml silicone-coated disposable syringe, and rectal catheter.

Local: Ulcerous colitis, proctitis, stages I and II, anal fistulae and fissures.

Systemic: Indications cited for MAH, hepatitis B and C,
for immunomodulation (complementary method in oncology)

Systemic: 10-25 µg ozone/ml oxygen gas mixture, volume 150-300 ml;

for children: 10-20 µg/ml, volume 10-30 ml
Local: in ulcerous colitis, high O3/O2 concentrations (70-80-100 µg/ml) and

small volumes (50 ml) are applied; on cessation of hemorrhage, this is reduced to 30-20 µg/ml, followed by systemic efficacy: 10-20 µg/ml, 150-300 ml volume.