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The elimination of bacteria, fungi and viruses by ozone in drinking and waste water has been successfully applied for over 100 years; oysters and mussels are decontaminated, fishes protected against microbes.

The medical use of ozonized water also has a long tradition behind it: for wound cleansing, rinsing the mouth, pre- and postoperatively and in disinfection, as demonstrated by Fisch, Payr und Sandhaus, highlighting the beginning of ozone in dental medicine (Fisch 1934, 1956, Payr 1935, Sandhaus 1958, 1968).

Wound healing processes are accelerated, in the oral mucosa particularly during the first 48 hours after surgery: „...under the influence of ozonized water after seven days, wounds attain epithelial occusion, and cell division processes in the newly formed epithelium start earlier...“ (Filippi 2001).

In bidistilled water (aqua bidestillata) at room temperature (20°C / 68°F, 1030 mbar), ozone concentrations up to 20 µg per ml water are measured; after 5 hours approx. 10 µg/ml H2O (half-life) is still present.

The Ozonosan cytozon - a 3rd generation unit – now available!

The Cytozon supplies ozonized water at optimum O3 concentration and can be used:

• for rinsing the mouth (buccal cavity) in cases of gingivitis, parodontosis, thrush, stomatitis
(Brauner 1991)

as ozonized water spray for cleaning the buccal mucosa, particularly the spaces between the teeth. For use in dental surgery (Filippi 1997)
as ozonized water jet for cleaning, as in prosthetic uses and in dental surgery (Filippi 2012)

Concentration-time dependence with 3 different water qualities (µS/cm).
Ozone attains its optimum effect with water as its medium: due to its polar molecular structure it fits into the polar net structure of water perfectly. Hydrogen bridges stabilize the ozone. Water quality, water column, ozone concentration in the generator gas, temperature, time, materials...are the main parameters determining the ozone concentration in water.